How to Make Money With Music

"How To Turn Music Production Into Money"

Music production has been around for years. That's more than I can say about myself and my music Never the less I love producing music and I'm getting paid a lot of money to do it.

This has been my passion for over 10 years and I'm loving everyday of it. Sure there are times I don't feel like doing it, but those days are far and few.

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  The Month I Made $21,488.60

Yes, there are months that I make dumb money like my $21,488.60. Some people want PROOF that what I'm saying is real...OKAY!

Watch this video here. It's me logging into my Paypal Account and showing the amount of payment receipts from clients in August 2008. This is normal for me.

This is not to make you feel bad or brag it's just to grab your attention so that you will know that this is real.

You really can make a gang of money on the Internet producing music and I will show you how to do it if you are serious.

Why Did I Build This Website?

This is a website that I built because I love everything about the steps it takes to produce a song and then sell it to an artist or company that is looking for that particular piece of music.

Most musician's have the skills to get the musical work done but lack the knowledge of getting that work SOLD!

Well that's where I come in. My name is Calvin and I own a production company in Atlanta called Marinated Musiq and I bang beats (Produce Music) for a

I make thousands of dollars and I enjoy doing it. I am getting paid and enjoying life for doing something I would do for FREE. WOW!

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Stop Faking and Get The Money

Huh? Yeah I know that's a little harsh right?

Not really! I personally know many producers, singers and rappers in Atlanta that are gifted but are broke. However, they pretend as if they are getting that money.

Truth is they are not getting paid or getting very little money and that small amount is Sporadic.


Be real with yourself and learn how to get money from your talent. If you are not getting paid for your musical talents then you only have a HOBBY!

Remember you are not a professional unless you are cashing checks at the bank or getting Paypal deposits like this. The sad thing is most people don't know that all they have is an expensive HOBBY.

Don't be one of these people anymore. Get the knowledge it takes to earn money from music production and become a professional.

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$21,488.60 In One Month Selling Beats Online!

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