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Music Production Equipment

"You Will Never Be Better Than Your Equipment"

Music Production EquipmentThe statement I made above about music production equipment is so true.

The second you think you are better than your gear you need to stop producing.

You are done!

Most of these pieces of hardware are synthesizers with small computers so you could never truly here all the sounds in them.

That goes double if you own a Motif or a Korg board.

Mixing sounds and twisting knobs will always change the synthesis. So it's never ending!

You can master the functions but never the board. I'm still finding new sounds with my Roland Fantom X6 and it's old.

What's The Best Music Production Hardware?

Don't beat your brain to find this answer. Many producers spend thousands of dollars trying to figure this out. They also waste hundreds of man hours. It's all going to come down to what you like as a producer.

Roland JV-2080Your choice will have much weight on what type of music you produce.

Remember this is not recording or production software so making a selection is crucial. The investment will be more and remember, hardware is harder to get rid of. That is unless it is a piece of vintage gear like my Roland JV-2080.

I Make Money, So What Do I Use?

It is easier for me to give you information about what I use verses trying to sell you on what you need to buy. You will be able to make your own decision by reading about what I use and why.

I mainly produce RnB, Hip Hop and some Pop music. Due to this I selected the equipment that would best fit in that arena.

No production school can teach you this. It's strictly a trial and error event. Music studio equipment is all about personality and the natural ability to hear music.

My List:

Roland Fantom X6 Keyboard

Roland Fantom X6 Keyboard - This is my controller and the flagship of my studio. I use this board to control many things in my arsenal including the software I use. It even has powerful mixing capabilities.Black AKAI MPC 1000

Akai MPC 1000 Drum Machine - I could have easily upgraded this a longtime ago. However, there is no need for me to do this.

As long as the machine does not break I'm good. TheUSB function alone is worth the price to me.

Those are my main pieces that I rock with, but there are others! Look Below.

Music Production Equipment

These are my Sound Module beast!

You are looking at the monsters of Sound. In that rack is my

  • Korg Triton (Fully Blown),
  • Roland Fantom XR (Fully Blown),
  • the Yamaha Motif ES (Fully Blown)
  • Vintage Roland JV-2080

Do I have to say it? Yes, it's fully Blown with JV-Cards. This completes my hardware equipment. Go here to see the Software I use.

Find Music Production Equipment on my HOT DEALS page!

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