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Music Production Workstation Desk

As producer I have to say that a music production workstation desk is definitely on the priority list. You will be spending a ridiculous amount of time in front on this place.

What Kind Should You Get?

Music Production Workstation DeskChoosing a workstation depends on what kind of producer you are.

Are you going to be using hardware in your studio or software. Believe me it's a huge difference.

Hardware is going to require more space for sound modules and professional keyboards and synths.

Software won't require anything but some space for your computer and external hardrives.

Computer desk are usually setup to function in more of a domestic home office manner. You get shelves for books and staplers and stuff like that.

A recording studio design desk will usually have a spot for monitors and built in racks for sound modules. There will be no computer carts attached to these bad boys. Only essential things for production like keyboard racks.

Enough Space For A Laptop or Desktop

Production Studio DeskWanna know where you can buy a fairly cheap but durable music production workstation desk?

I'm speaking of one with enough space for a desktop computer, a laptop, a 22" computer monitor, external drives, and a keyboard.

You see the picture to the right? I bought that desk from IKEA! Yup, it cost me around $160 and it crushes most Pro workstations.

I built my own stands for my monitors but it even has room to put them on. Those guys from Sweden are really good. No wonder I love Propellerhead Reason Software (It's from Sweden).

If you don't mind reading some simple instructions and putting in some elbow grease it will do just fine. You can always try to impress people by buying the expensive Quicklok or Raxxess systems but it better pay for itself.

If you are not bringing in the money to justify those pieces of studio furniture then don't buy them. I'm telling you this because I make the money to have them and I don't. I only care about functionality.

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